Kuju Bogatsuru and Tadewara-shitsugen

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Kuju Bogatsuru and Tadewara-shitsugen

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    91 ha
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    33°06'N 131°15'E
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Kuju Bogatsuru and Tadewara-shitsugen. 08/11/05; Oita; 91 ha; 33°06'N 131°15'E. Quasi-National Park. Near the summit of the mountain in Kirishima Volcanic Belt and below at its base, the largest intermediate moors of mixed sphagnum bogs formed in the mountainous areas in Japan. Bogatsuru is nestled in a basin between Mt. Mimata and other volcanic mountains, whereas Tadewara is located in alluvial fan. The site is the central attraction within Aso-kuju National Park drawing 5 million visitors annually to the breathtaking landscape of smoking volcanoes, meadows, forests, and hot springs. Popular activities include sight-seeing during autumn, hiking, camping, nature walking and folk events. It supports 74 fern species and 493 seed plants, including some rare plants like Geranuim soboliferum, Pterygopleurum neurophyllum and Sphagnum palustre. To maintain the vegetation, terrestrialisation of the wetlands into forests is hindered through meadow burning in spring by the local community. Nationally Redlisted species Golden Eagle, Hodgson's Hawk-eagle and Peregrine Falcon are also found. Ramsar site no. 1547. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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Oita Prefecture

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    • National Park
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