Lake Pinaroo

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Lake Pinaroo

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    719 ha
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    29°06'S 141°13'E
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A large terminal basin consisting of an open lake with muddy margins, when full, and very little associated vegetation. It is an episodic lake which is dry most of the time with rare and irregular wet phases, but its large size and its capacity to retain water for extended periods when filled provides valuable habitat in the region, particularly for endangered bird species, and it supports a substantial number of waterbirds when full. Numerous species of small mammals and reptiles also occur. Human activities include tourism and nature conservation. There is an exceptionally high density and variety of aboriginal sites including hearths, middens, ceremonial sites, quarries and abundant stone artifacts, suggesting that a large aboriginal population once occupied the area. Potentially reduced rainfall and higher temperatures associated with climate change are feared as general threats in future but not yet well understood for local conditions.

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New South Wales

  • Inscription légale nationale: 
    • national park - Sturt
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