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  1. Vallée aux versants boisés de l'Ahançal dans son bas cours
    Valeurs culturelles : gravures rupestres sur roche
    Valeurs culturelles : Grenier ancestral, suspendu dans une falaise
    Un des rares endroits où la vallée de l'Ahançal est ouverte : Tamga
    Usages : seguia de dérivation artisanale de l'eau
    Usages : Prélèvement d'eau pour usage domestique
    Singe magot dans son habitat, sur un versant de rive droite du bas oued Melloul

    Assifs Ahançal-Melloul

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      0 year(s)
    1,385 ha
  2. Beauty of Begnas and Rupa Lake
    Dipang Lake
    Gude Lake
    Khaste Lake
    Phewa Lake
    Rupa Lake
    Niurini Lake
    Maidi Lake
    Sunset in Begnas Lake

    Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    26,106 ha
  3. Highland middle- forest lake Maricheika
    Raised bog at the shore of Lake Maricheika
    Sphagnum-cranberry phytodiversity of the bog at the shore of Lake Maricheika
    Cottongrass-sedge hillslope bog in headwaters of the Phorilets River
    Post-glacial kettle between mountains Pip Ivan and Smotrych
    Wetland area in the alpine belt of Chornohora massif

    Pohorilets River Headwaters

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      0 year(s)
    1,625 ha
  4. Prut river flow start
    Shrubed peat-bog
    Spurce virgin wet/dry forests
    Stream running through peat bog
    View on Tsybulnyk forested/shurbed peat bog
    A post-glacial kettle under Mount Turkul with the alpine lake Nesamovyte
    A rivulet in the boggy cirque between the mounts of Hoverla and Breskul
    A sedge-moss bog “Tsybulnyk” under Mount Breskul

    Prut River Headwaters

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      0 year(s)
    4,935 ha
  5. Rhône le début / The origin of the Rhône
    Rhône Glacier
    River Rotten
    Source of the Rhône


    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      3 year(s)
    317 ha



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