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  1. Spring flood in the Ipoly Valley Ramsar Site

    Ipoly Valley

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      5 year(s)
    2,304 ha
  2. Lac Télé
    Anhinga rufa
    Femmes naviguant sur la Likouala-aux-herbes
    Gorilla gorilla gorilla (la mère et son petit)
    Rivière Likouala-aux-herbes

    Lac Télé/Likouala-aux-herbes

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    438,960 ha
  3. Most of the site is sitiated in the Pripyat River floodplain
    Floodplain oak woods are very valuable biotopes.
    Large raised bogs are unique biotopes for Polesie region
    Old-aged pine forests preserved on sand dunes among mires.
    Owbows in the Pripyat River floodplain.
    Owbows in the Pripyat River floodplain.
    Almost annually the Pripyat floodplain and adjacent villages get flooded.
    Almost annually the Pripyat floodplain and adjacent villages get flooded.

    Pripyatsky National Park

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      1 year(s)
    88,553 ha
  4. La cuvette de Gueumbeul, seul plan d’eau de la RSFG
    Colonie d'avocettes
    Décompte de l'avifaune au niveau de la RSFG
    Gazelles dorcas
    Oryx algazelle
    Ouvrage vanné de Bountou Batt

    Réserve Spéciale de Faune de Gueumbeul

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      1 year(s)
    720 ha




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