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Materials presented on this website, particularly maps and territorial information, are as-is and as-available based on available data and do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.


  1. El Hondo. Embalse de Poniente- Charca sur; al fondo Sierra de Callosa del Segura
    El Hondo. Embalse de Levante; al fondo Sierra de Callosa del Segura
    El Hondo. Saladar adyacente al Embalse de Levante
    El Hondo. Panorámica de la Finca del Rincón
    El Hondo. Canal Principal de Riegos de Levante
    El Hondo. Panorámica del Embalse de Levante
    El Hondo. Embarcadero
    El Hondo. Saladar de La Reserva
    El Hondo. Charca Norte

    El Hondo

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    2,387 ha
  2. Arroyo Carapacho con Nieve
    Arroyo Menucos
    Arroyo los Menucos
    Coipo (Myocastor coypus)
    Cisnes Cuello Negro
    Cisne cuello negro (Cygnus melancoryphus)
    Choique (Rhea pennata)
    Coscoroba (Coscoroba coscoroba)
    Cisne cuello negro 2  (Cygnus melancoryphus)
    Chorlo Cabezón (Oreopholus ruficollis)
    Coscoroba 2 (Coscoroba coscoroba)
    Flamenco (Phoenicopterus chilensis)
    Laguna de Llancanelo, atrás Cerro Nevado
    Flamenco 2 (Phoenicopterus chilensis)
    Gallareta escudete rojo (Fulica rufifrons)
    Cría de Choique (Rhea pennata)
    Laguna de Llancanelo
    Libélula (Anisoptera)
    Nidificación Flamenco (Phoenicopterus chilensis)
    Macá de pico grueso (Podilymbus podiceps)
    Martineta (Eudromia elegans)
    Playerito rabadilla blanca (Calidris fuscicollis)
    Peludo (Chaetophractus villosus )
    Vizcacha (Lagostomus maximus)

    Laguna de Llancanelo

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      4 year(s)
    91,365 ha
  3. Lac de Bouverans et marais du Varot
    Tourbière et lac des Rousses - Vallée de l'Orbe
    Restauration des Bief du Nanchez et de Trémontagne - Future RNR des tourbières du Nanchez
    Belvédère des 2 lacs (Remoray/St-Point)
    Tourbière active de Frasne
    Marais du Châtelet après reméandrement de la Lemme - Grandvaux
    lac Saint-Point
    Source du Doubs et tourbière du Moutat - Mouthe
    Tourbières du Moutat, Haut-marais et tremblants - Mouthe
    Tourbière du Bief Belin restaurée (Malpas)
    Tourbière et Lac des Mortes - Chapelle-des-Bois
    Gouilles de Haut-Marais, tourbière de la Chaumoz - Chapelle-des-Bois
    Gouilles de haut-marais de la Seigne des Barbouillons

    Tourbières et lacs de la Montagne jurassienne

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      3 year(s)
    12,156 ha
  4. Ohrid lake and Studencisko blato
    Ohrid lake
    Ohrid lake

    Lake Ohrid

    • Country: 
      North Macedonia
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      3 year(s)
    25,205 ha
  5. Ramsar logo


    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      29 year(s)
    85,000 ha
  6. Ramsar logo

    Rhin Supérieur / Oberrhein

    • Country: 
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      15 year(s)
    22,413 ha
  7. Anse du Gros Ventre - Péninsule Rallier du Batty - Kerguelen
    Est de la Péninsule Courbet - Kerguelen
    Plateau des Tourbières - île Amsterdam
    Canard d'Eaton
    Albatros d'Amsterdam
    Cormoran de Kerguelen
    Val Studer - îles Kerguelen

    Réserve naturelle nationale des Terres australes francaises

    • Country: 
      France (outre-mer)
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      5 year(s)
    2,337,100 ha
  8. View of Amirkelayeh- Nelumbo nucifera
    View of amirkelayeh wetland from the horbour
    an amazing view of Nymphaea nouchali community in Amirkelayeh

    Amirkelayeh Lake

    • Country: 
      Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      2 year(s)
    1,132 ha
  9. Thunderstorm approaching Ingula
    Escarpment forest
    Bedford wetland
    Ingula mountain range
    Ingula wetlands and wall
    Bedford dam

    Ingula Nature Reserve

    • Country: 
      South Africa
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      3 year(s)
    8,084 ha
  10. -

    Duinen Vlieland

    • Country: 
      Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
    • Designation date: 
    • Site number: 
    • Published since: 
      2 year(s)
    1,484 ha




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