Sistema de Humedales de la Zona Sur de Honduras

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Sistema de Humedales de la Zona Sur de Honduras

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    69,711 ha
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    13°19'N 87°25'W
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Sistema de Humedales de la Zona Sur de Honduras. 10/07/99; Tegucigalpa; 69,711 ha; 13°20'N 087°25'W. A complex of seven coastal areas totaling 69,711 hectares along the Honduran portion of the Golfo de Fonseca, along the Corredor Biológico Mesoamericano Pacífico de Honduras. Various species of mangrove form the predominant vegetation in this area of typical marine-coastal ecosystem influenced by the fluctuation of the tides. Several lagoons in the rainy season provide refuge for both migratory and non-migratory birds, as well as spawning grounds for various species of tortoise, molluscs, crustaceans, and fish. The area is important to the nearby people for its mangrove wood for construction, as well as for traditional fishing and grazing activities. Subject of Ramsar staff visit in September 2000. Ramsar site no. 1000. Most recent RIS information: 1999.

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