Bassin du Drugeon

Lac de Bouverans et marais du Varot

Bassin du Drugeon

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  • Area: 
    5,989.6 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    46°51'N 06°13'E
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The Drugeon river basin is a peatland landscape situated in the Jura foothills. It features several different habitats, including dry grasslands, alkaline fens, active mires, floodplains, ponds and lakes; the variety favours high biodiversity values. Several rare and nationally endangered plants can be found, including Saxifraga hirculus, Liparis loeselii and Hamatocaulis vernicosus. The Site is the last refuge in the region for some of these species, which are in strong regional and national decline. The Site benefited during the 1990s from a project under the European Union LIFE programme to restore the river. Since 2014, another LIFE project has been implemented to restore the peatlands of the Jura mountains of the Franche-Comté region; it is planned to end in 2020. Measures to restore the peatlands of the area include the neutralization of peatland drainage networks, clearing and acquisition of land, and awareness- raising and communications activities. Land use within the Site is mainly related to agriculture and forestry.

Administrative region: 

  • National legal designation: 
    • Arrêté Préfectoral de Protection de Biotope - Bassin du Drugeon
    • Réserve Naturelle Régionale - RNR des Tourbières de Frasne-Bouverans
  • Regional (international) legal designations: 
    • EU Natura 2000
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