Sistema Lagunar Alvarado

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Sistema Lagunar Alvarado

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    267,010 ha
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    18°39'N 95°51'W
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Sistema Lagunar Alvarado. 02/02/04; Veracruz; 267,010 ha; 18°39'N 095°51'W. A lagoon and estuarine complex comprising several coastal brackish lagoons, more than 100 interior lagoons and parts of the Papaloapan, Acula, Blanco and Limón rivers. The site features representative and diverse ecosystems of the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico, such as coastal dunes, reedbeds of Cyperus spp., cattail Typha spp., palm forests of Sabal mexicana, Scheelea liebmaniim Acrocomia mexicana, oak forests of Quercus oleoides; apompales (Pachira aquatica); and large mangrove forests. It is regarded as the most important site for the American Manatee Trichechus manatus in Veracruz. Silting, agricultural expansion, mangrove cutting and extensive cattle raising are threatening the site, as are increases in fish catch and the use of banned fishing nets. The area is highly regarded as of conservation priority and listed as an Important Bird Area. The Biological Research Institute of the Universidad Veracruzana has carried out several research activities in the area. Ramsar site no. 1355. Most recent RIS information: 2004.

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