Les Salines d'Arzew

Exploitation du sel

Les Salines d'Arzew

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  • Area: 
    5,778 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    35°41'N 00°19'W
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A saline wetland forming part of western Algeria’s wetland complex, which includes marshes and saltwater and brackish lakes. Located on the western route of the Mediterranean/Black Sea flyway, the Salines host 29 species during their autumn and spring migrations, and 37 wintering species including common and ruddy shelducks, greater flamingo and greylag goose. The birds take advantage of the open water, reeds and sandy habitats. The relatively halophilic vegetation includes Chamaerops humilis palm, Juncus reeds, Suaeda sea-blites and some Tamarix shrubs. The Site plays a role in groundwater recharge and sediment retention. Apart from human settlements and crop and livestock farming, no particular threat has been identified. The Ramsar Site does not have a management plan, but some  key conservation measures and bird monitoring are being implemented. The area is used for awareness raising on occasions such as World Wetlands Day.

Administrative region: 
Oran, Mascara

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