Les Salines d'Arzew

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Les Salines d'Arzew

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    5,778 ha
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    35°40'N 00°18'E
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Les Salines d'Arzew. 12/12/04; Oran, Mascara; 5,778 ha; 35°40'N 000°18'E. A saline wetland forming part of western Algeria's wetland complex, which includes marshes, salt-lakes and brackish lakes and together play an important role as a stopover for migratory birds and wintering site for the Common and Ruddy Shelducks, the Greater Flamingo and the Greylag Goose. The birds take advantage of the open water, reeds and sandy habitats, stopping by both ways. The site plays a role in groundwater recharge and sediment retention. 80,000 tonnes of salt are produced yearly at the site, while agriculture and livestock raising are also practiced. No particular threat has been identified, nor are any special conservation measures in place. The area is used for awareness creation on celebrations like World Wetlands Days. Ramsar site no. 1425. Most recent RIS information: 2006.

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Wilaya d’Oran, Wilaya de Mascara

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