Manglares del Estuario Interior del Golfo de Guayaquil “Don Goyo”

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Manglares del Estuario Interior del Golfo de Guayaquil “Don Goyo”

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    15,338 ha
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    02°24'S 79°55'W
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02/02/2013; Guayas; 15,337 ha; 02°24'17"S 079°55'50"W. Mainly constituted by mangrove forests, the site is important for the control and prevention of flooding and climate regulation. According to the National Red List, it supports several endangered species, like the Rufous-necked Wood Rail Aramides axillaris and the Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnali. There are recent records of Crocodylus acutus presence, which according to the National Red List of Reptiles is Critically Endangered. A great number of endemic species can be found, like the Ecuadorian Ground Dove (Columbina buckleyi), the Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis), the Red-masked Parakeet (Aratinga erythrogenys), and the Pacific Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium peruanum). Waterbird species like the killdeer (Charadrius vociferus), the Franklin's Gull (Larus pipixcan), and the Laughing Gull (Larus atricilla) are present, and the site has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Ramsar Site no. 2098. Most recent RIS information: 2012.

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