Lac Sofia

Le lac Sofia
Habitat à Cyperus dans le lac Sofia
Habitat à Némuphar dans le lac Sofia
Turnix nigricollis
Le lac Sofia
Le lac Sofia
Rallus madagascariensis
Dendrocygna viduata

Lac Sofia

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    1,650 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    14°35'S 49°00'E
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Lake Sofia is located in Sofia Region, in the rural District of Marotolana. The Site consists of the permanent lake, cyperus swamps, and rivers and streams on the upstream and downstream sides of the Lake. The Site also contains ecosystems including introduced eucalyptus formations, dotted with guava, which are found in the vicinity of the lake. Lake Sofia supports 36 species of waterbirds including five endangered species: the endangered Anas melleri and Ardeola idae, and the vulnerable Gallinago macrodactyla, Rallus madagascariensis and Tachybaptus pelzelnii. 1,144 individuals of swamp bird species were recorded, the three most abundant being Rallus madagascariensis with 225 individuals, Acrocephalus newtoni with 209 and Ardeola ralloides with 132. About 50 aquatic and shoreline plant species have been recorded, grouped in 41 genera and 28 families. Swamps around the lakes have been transformed into rice paddies as rice farming is the most important agricultural activity. Conservation efforts involve the restoration of key habitats and the maintenance of their integrity.

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Dans la région de Sofia

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