Logan Lagoon


Logan Lagoon

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  • Area: 
    2,257 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    40°09'S 148°16'E
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Logan Lagoon Ramsar Site is one of the three estuarine lagoon systems along the eastern coast of Flinders Island, in the Bass Strait north of Tasmania. It is an excellent, regionally representative example of a coastal estuarine wetland system. It comprises a diverse range of seasonal and permanent marshlands, forests, heathlands and woodlands. It also supports globally threatened species such as the endangered forty-spotted pardalote (Pardalotus quadragintus) and the vulnerable dwarf galaxias (Galaxiella pusilla) as well as the little tern (Sternula albifrons). Logan Lagoon has important hydrological values, such as in groundwater recharge from the surrounding impermeable granite catchments; flood control and erosion protection; retention, recovery and removal of excess nutrients and pollutants; and the maintenance of natural ecosystems in the lagoon. Although the local community regularly uses the Site, it is still a relatively undisturbed wetland and has the potential to become an important educational resource for natural science.

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    • Conservation Area - Logan Lagoon Conservation Area
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