Lake Albacutya

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Lake Albacutya

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    5,731 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    35°45'S 141°58'E
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Lake Albacutya. 15/12/82; Victoria; 5,731 ha; 35°46'S 141°58'E. Regional Park. The lake, subject to a unique hydrologic cycle, receives water in exceptionally wet years (about every 20 years) but takes up to four years to dry out. It has been dry since 1983. Eucalyptus woodlands fringe the lake, and grasses cover the dry bed. In flood years over 20,000 waterbirds gather, including Stictonetta naevosa. The area supports several bird and plant species that are endangered, rare or vulnerable. When flooded, the lake is used for recreational boating, fishing and shooting and supports an important commercial fishery. Inflow is diverted to meet agricultural and domestic needs. A culturally significant area, the lake appears in Aboriginal mythology. Ramsar site no. 270. Most recent RIS information: 1998.

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  • National legal designation: 
    • regional park
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