Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve

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Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve

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    44'364 ha
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    46°07'N 133°38'E
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The Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve is located in Northeast China on the border between China and Russia. It supports a diversity of freshwater wetlands types, mainly river and floodplain wetlands, as well as permanent and seasonal freshwater marshes/pools, herb marshes, shrub marshes, forest marshes, etc. This Ramsar Site is part of Xingkai Lake-Bulieya Mountains in terms of tectonic setting and has significant functions in terms of water storage and flood control, thereby playing an important role in maintaining eco-security of the catchment. This site is a typical representative wetland area in the cold temperate zone of East Asia The site supports 13 threatened species of which 8 are birds and 5 are mammals. There are a total of 393 plant species, 171 birds, 61 fish, 16 amphibians and reptiles and 40 mammal species. According to the surveys in different years this site supports more that 100,000 of birds and also supports more that 1% of the population of 12 waterbird species. The wetlands in this site are now under strict protection, and are not used for agriculture, aquaculture or other production uses. However, with the beautiful landscapes of the Ussuri River and diverse wetlands, this Ramsar Site is of great potential value for ecotourism. Presently, some 10,000 people visit this site each year. A Master Plan for Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao National Nature Reserve has been compiled.

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Heilongjiang Province

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    • National Nature Reserve
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