Abras de Mantequilla

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Abras de Mantequilla

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    22,500 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    01°28'S 79°45'W
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Abras de Mantequilla. 14/03/00. Los Ríos. 22,500 ha. 01°28'S 79°45'W. A natural permanent swampy lagoon-lake system. The wetland plays an important role in the conservation of bird fauna biodiversity by supporting 3 migratory species: Anas discours, Chordeiles minor spp. and Catharus ustulatus; 3 rare species and 8 endemic species, including Furnarious cinnamomeus, Veniliornis callonotus callonotus, Galucidium peruanum and Turdus maculirostris. It also supports a significant population of indigenous fish and at the same time is a source of food, a spawning site and a development area for those species of fish that depend upon the wetland. However, over-exploitation of water resources combined with the introduction of tilapia for fish-farming are resulting in a dramatic decline of the populations of indigenous species, not only in Abras, but in all coastal area watercourses. An assessment of the current state of the wetland is foreseen and should serve as a basis for development of a management plan for the area. Ramsar site no. 1023. Most recent RIS information: 2000.

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Los Ríos

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    • none
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