Bañados del Izozog y el río Parapetí

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Bañados del Izozog y el río Parapetí

  • Country: 
    Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
  • Site number: 
  • Area: 
    615,882 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    18°27'S 61°49'W
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Bañados del Izozog y el río Parapetí. 17/09/01; Santa Cruz; 615,882 ha; 18°27'S 061°49'W. Partially within National Park. The largest and most important wetlands in the Santa Cruz region of the multinational Chaco biogeographical region, the site supports a diverse community of flora and fauna characteristic of the rivers of the Chaco. The Bañados lie at the termination of the river's course in a tectonic depression and are of great seasonal important as a source of water. As the only water source in a region of dry forest, during the dry season the site supplies vital support to at least four species of larger mammals (types of armadillo, panther, peccary, and tapir) which are listed by IUCN as vulnerable or endangered. Ecologically, because of its hydrological connection with the Amazon basin, the site serves as part of a biological and genetic corridor which permits the flow and interchange of species of the wetter north with those of arid zones of the south. The shores of the Parapetí have been inhabited by the Izoceño-Guaraní people since at least the 15th century, who have made little impact upon the natural values of the site, and the area remains the physical and spiritual center of their culture. About a third of the Ramsar site is included within the Parque Nacional Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco. Construction of a gas pipeline, with associated roadworks, should be well planned so as to preclude fragmentation of habitat. Ramsar site no. 1087. Most recent RIS information: 2001.

Administrative region: 
Santa Cruz

  • National legal designation: 
    • Parque Nacional - Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco
  • Last publication date: 


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