Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve

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Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve

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    20,279 ha
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    20°54'N 110°07'E
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Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve. 11/01/02; Guangdong; 20,279 ha; 20°54'N 110°08'E. National Nature Reserve. The largest mangrove forest wetland reserve in China, located along coastal areas of the Leizhou Peninsula at the southernmost tip of China between the South China Sea and the Tonkin Gulf, adjacent to Hainan Island. Some 24 species of mangrove are said to be present, and at low tide large areas of exposed mudflats provide excellent support for migrating waterbirds. Like other mangrove forests, the somewhat separate components of the site provide sanctuary for offshore fish, sustenance for birds and other fauna, and coastal protection from waves, tides, and storm surges. The coastal and inshore area supports economic fishing and aquaculture for local people. Agricultural and urban development and fishfarming have destroyed much of the former mangrove areas, but a comprehensive management and afforestation programme for the Reserve, supported by The Netherlands, holds promise for arresting these impacts. Ocean pollution of oil and heavy metal has been taking a toll. Ramsar site no. 1157. Most recent RIS information: 2001.

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    • national nature reserve
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