Sebkhet Bazer

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Sebkhet Bazer

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    4,379 ha
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    36°02'N 05°41'E
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The Site is a permanent endorheic saltwater depression, fed by rainwater and domestic and industrial wastewater carried by three tributaries from the nearby town of El Eulma. The Site consists of three areas; the flooded central part which is devoid of vegetation; its extension along Oued El Melah; and the peripheral belt with sparse vegetation on which cattle and sheep graze. Typha and Juncus reeds around the mouth of the Oued El Melah provide important habitat for a number of nationally threatened bird species, such as black-winged stilt, greylag goose, western marsh harrier, common crane and pied avocet. The Site also hosts more than 1% of the common shelduck’s biogeographic population, showing the importance of saline conditions for some wintering species. The area is used for grazing animals and has potential for birdwatchers. Industrial wastewater could threaten the Site in future, and there are plans to build a purification plant to ensure the Site’s integrity. School groups visit the Site on World Wetlands Day to learn about the environment and its protection.

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