Port Launay Coastal Wetlands

Mangroves in the Port Launay Coastal Wetlands (Port Glaud Wetlands).
Anada Tiéga, Former Ramsar Secretary General at the Ramsar Site.
Construction phase of the bridge through the wetlands I & II.

Port Launay Coastal Wetlands

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  • Area: 
    124 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    04°39'S 55°24'E
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Port Launay Coastal Wetlands (Port Glaud). 22/11/04; Port Glaud District; 124 ha; 04°39’16”S 055°24’21”E. One of the best mangrove wetlands on the island of Mahé, supporting all seven species of mangroves in Seychelles. The coastal area provides an ideal habitat for spawning, nursery, feeding and cover for several fish species including the Seychelles endemic Gouzon or Golden Panchax Pachypanchax playfairii and Spangled Gudgeon Ophiocara porocephala. It also supports the vulnerable Seychelles Swiftlet Collocalia elaphra, Millionaire's Salad Deckenia nobilis, and critically endangered Sheath-Tailed Bat Coleura seychellensis. The mangroves along the coast help in shoreline stabilization, sediment trapping, storm-damage limitation, water quality maintenance, nutrient retention and coral reef and lagoon protection. The main human activities include octopus collection by fishermen, coconut farming, and tourism, with the recent construction of a hotel resort. An Environment Impact Assessment for the construction of this hotel was carried out and the possible impacts on the site have been assessed and measures for mitigation planned. This is one of the top sites for environmental education and sensitisation of pupils and students, as well as the general public, especially during World Wetlands Day. The site is mainly threatened by exotic species, which present an obstacle to assisted mangrove restoration. Encroachment by residential areas, erosion and the possibility of undesirable tourism development are also potential threats. Ramsar site no. 1432. Most recent RIS information 2013.

Administrative region: 
Port Glaud District

  • National legal designation: 
    • Marine National Park - the Morne Seychellois National Park
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