Moor- und Seenlandschaft Keutschach-Schiefling

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Moor- und Seenlandschaft Keutschach-Schiefling

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    543 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    46°34'N 14°07'E
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Moor- und Seenlandschaft Keutschach-Schiefling. 13/12/2004; Kärnten; 543 ha; 46°35'N 014°08'E. Carinthian conservation area. Ten areas along the 12.5 km long valley, comprising four greater lakes (Keutschacher See, Hafnersee, Rauschelesee, Bassgeigensee), some ponds, and a mosaic of various wetland types, such as tall sedge and herb communities, wet grassland, elements of raised bog, damp meadows, tree-dominated swamps, black elder swamp forests, birch tree and willow tree swamp forests. This high variety supports many animal species, such as butterflies, insects and birds which are associated with these wetland plant communities, as well as snails, amphibians and dragonflies which need the ponds and other open water areas for reproduction, and two amphibian migration routes. Until ca.1970 most of the moist meadows were cultivated regularly for horse-hay and litter, but with the abandonment of these land uses perennial herbs, reeds, bushes, followed by black elders, birches, willow-trees and pines have spread over the area. A site management plan has been elaborated as part of the Ramsar designation process, and it includes education facilities such as guiding for visitors and a biking trail. Ramsar site no. 1490. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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    • Carinthian Conservation Area
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