Réserve de faune de Binder-Léré


Réserve de faune de Binder-Léré

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  • Area: 
    135,000 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    09°18'N 14°16'E
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Réserve de faune de Binder-Léré. 14/11/05; Mayo-Kebbi; 135,000 ha, 09°18'N 014°17'E. A variety of wetland types, including lakes, permanent and temporary streams, and swamps at the Chad-Cameroonian border. The renowned Gauthiot Waterfalls, which are venerated by the indigenous Moundang people, prevent the rich fish fauna from moving from the Niger river system to the Lake Chad basin. The site hosts a number of endangered species such as the manatee, crocodiles, hippos, and cheetahs and is a feeding ground for many waterbirds including Dendrocygna spp, Balearica pavonina, Pelecanus rufescens and Plectropterus gambensis. Fishing is a very important activity for local people, with fish sold in the surrounding towns. Agriculture, hunting and livestock raising are also carried out. In the surrounding areas, a number of activities threaten the site or have the potential to do so, including oil exploration, gold and cement mining, and a cotton factory. An environmental information and training programme is being carried out to integrate an environmental component in primary school curricula. Ramsar site no. 1561. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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  • National legal designation: 
    • Reserve de Faune - réserve de faune de Binder - Léré
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