Lower Kaduna-Middle Niger Floodplain

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Lower Kaduna-Middle Niger Floodplain

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    229,054 ha
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    08°52'N 05°45'E
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Lower Kaduna-Middle Niger Floodplain. 30/04/08; Kwara, Niger State; 229,054 ha; 08°51'N 005°45'E. An extensive alluvial wetland on the floodplain of the mid-section of River Niger and the lower course of River Kaduna, a main tributary of the Niger. The site consists of pools, lakes, shifting river courses, and sand banks and is inundated annually by floodwaters. The wetlands constitute an important breeding area for the Rosy bee-eater and supports a significant number of bird species that are restricted to the Sudan-Guinea Savanna biome. Local people depend on the site for fishing, collection of wild resources, and agriculture, but their activities require better regulation to be sustainable. Extensive cultivation of rice and sugarcane on the floodplains for commercial purposes encourages degradation of the swamp forest, and declining trends in rainfall have promoted desiccation. Ramsar site no. 1755. Most recent RIS information: 2008.

Administrative region: 
Niger State and Kwara State

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