Playa Barra de la Cruz

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Playa Barra de la Cruz

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    17.7 ha
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    15°49'N 95°55'W
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Playa Barra de la Cruz. 02/02/2008; Oaxaca; 18 ha; 15°50'N 95°55'W. This site consists of sandy beaches and is of great importance as a nesting ground for three marine turtle species: Dermochelys coriacea from October to March, Lepidochelys olivacea through out the year and Chelonia mydas from October to January. It also supports a great variety of vertebrates including migratory birds such as Pelecanus occidentalis, Charadrius sp., Sterna sp; resident bird species like Fregata magnificens, Larus argentatus, Casmerodius alvus and Phalacrocorax sp., and in less quantities small mammals such as Nassua Larica, Procyon lotor, and Conepatus mesoleucus, as well as reptiles, amphibians and fish. During the winter, migratory birds have been registered using the estuaries as a resting stop during their long journeys. Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncates) are regularly observed close to the coast line and groups of Humpback Whales Megaptera novaengliae can be seen when migrating to the South West during December and January, and going back to the North East during March and April.

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