Plaine de Massenya


Plaine de Massenya

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    2,526,000 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    11°15'N 16°15'E
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Plaine de Massenya. 17/10/08; Baguirmi; 2,526,000 ha; 11°15'N 16°15'E. Located in the southwestern regions of the country, this inland wetland forms part of the Lake Chad Basin and is characterized by freshwater marshes, rivers, streams and creeks. It plays several roles such as flood control, sediment capture, groundwater renewal, etc. Various endangered species that also attract tourists are present, e.g., the African elephant, leopards, the Nile crocodile, and others. There are 386 species of birds noted in the area, as well as numerous fish species, due to the occurrence of vegetation such as Echinachloa sp among others. The most important livelihood activities in the area are fishing, agriculture and livestock keeping. The main threats are deforestation, high concentrations of livestock, bush fires, over-fishing practices, poaching and lack of personnel with technical capabilities to ensure proper management practices. In the surrounding areas the major threat is caused by exploration activities for petroleum. Development projects in the area are being carried out by NGOs, e.g., education of the local communities on sustainable management of their resources, and an inventory is being carried out on sustainable energy sources. Ramsar site no. 1839. Most recent RIS information: 2008.

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Région de Baguirmi

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