Reserva Natural Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana

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Reserva Natural Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana

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    793 ha
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    36°26'N 06°04'W
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Reserva Natural Complejo Endorreico de Chiclana. 17/09/09; Andalucía; 793 ha; 36°27'N 006°05'W. The Nature Reserve of the endorheic wetland complex of Chiclana contains two water bodies, Laguna de Jeli (with a mean inundated area of 19 ha) and Laguna de Montellano (7 ha), and the surrounding buffer zone. Jeli is a semi-permanent wetland with a maximum depth of 2 meters that receives is water directly from rainfall and surface runoffs, as well as through a closed aquifer in its basin. Montellana is a temporary wetland on top of a non permeable argillaceous substrate with a maximum depth of 3m. Both are representative wetlands of the endorheic basins around Cádiz and Sevilla. They are surrounded by a landscape composed of non-irrigated agriculture, non-intensive pastures and some remains of Mediterranean matorral. They are strategically located close to the Guadalquivir marshes (Doñana) and other important wetlands, providing alternative breeding and stop-over habitat for many migratory waterbirds, particularly in dry years. Ramsar site no. 1914. Most recent RIS information: 2010.

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    • Reserva Natural
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    • EU Natura 2000
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