Presa La Vega

Evidencia fotográfica de la Nutria de río Lontra longicaudis

Presa La Vega

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    1,950 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    20°37'N 103°50'W
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Presa La Vega. 02/02/10; Jalisco; 1,950 ha; 20°37'59"N 103°50'50"W. An artificial wetland including a dam and open water, permanent and intermittent rivers and streams, and the irrigation system surrounding the reservoir. The site has a high socio-economic importance because it is the largest water body in the state's central-western area, which generates jobs and is the main source of water for surrounding irrigation systems. It sustains a diversity of waterfowl species, some of which are protected under national law, such as the wood duck (Aix sponsa), as well as endemic fish like the Butterfly Splitfin (Ameca splendens). The main threat to the site is water pollution from neighboring communities. A management plan adopted in 2008 is being partially implemented. Ramsar Site no. 2026. Most recent RIS information: 2011.

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Estado de Jalisco

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