Atak – Borzhavske

Quiet reaches of the Borzhava River
Oak-ash forest in “Atak” area
Century-old forest of “Atak” area
Floodplain (riverine) forest
Floodplain (riverine) forest
Scientists and members of the local community.
Floodplain (riverine) forest

Atak – Borzhavske

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  • Area: 
    283.4 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    48°13'N 22°48'E
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The Site is located in the Zakarpatska region, close to the borders with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It is the only pristine ancient floodplain oak-ash forest in Ukraine, and one of the largest of Central Europe, where natural flooding processes can still be found. The combination of forest, river and floodplain ecosystems makes the Site important for biodiversity: it supports around 300 vascular plant species, 40 mammals, 77 birds, five reptiles, ten amphibians, and 30 fish. Atak-Borzhavske is also important for migrating bats, which stop to feed. Meanwhile, the Borzhava River which flows in the Site is an important spawning ground for rare fish species including Zingel zingel and Lota lota, as well as a number of game fish such as catfish, pike, carp and perch. Because of its proximity to several towns and settlements, the River is affected by household litter. The Site is also threatened by the impacts of recreation activities including sport fishing, hiking, and canoeing, and by forestry.  

Administrative region: 
Berehivskyi Rayon (county), Zakarpatska Oblast (Region), Ukraine

  • National legal designation: 
    • Regional Landscape Park - Prytysjanskyi
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