Apsley Marshes


Apsley Marshes

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    880 ha
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    41°58'S 148°12'E
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Apsley Marshes has some of the best representatives of a range of wetland types in the Tasmania biogeographic ecoregion, including estuarine waters, coastal freshwater marsh and swamp. The Site is located at the mouth of the Apsley River. It has a great richness and diversity of freshwater and marine plants, including some nationally threatened species such as the swamp everlasting (Xerochrysum palustre). The wetland is also significant for waterbirds such as the endangered Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus). The floodplains have been used as part of a working agricultural property since the early 19th century; other human activities include livestock grazing, birdwatching, and duck hunting. The Site can be said to be an illustration of the “wise use” principle and in particular the concept of sustainable agriculture and conservation within a Ramsar Site.

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