Hamun-e-Puzak, south end

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Hamun-e-Puzak, south end

  • Country: 
    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Site number: 
  • Area: 
    10,000 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    31°19'N 61°45'E
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Hamun-e-Puzak, south end. 23/06/75; Sistan & Baluchestan; 10,000 ha; 31°20'N 061°45'E. Added to the Montreux Record, 4 July 1990. The Iranian portion of the vast Hamun-e-Puzak wetland, the majority of which lies in Afghanistan, consists of a complex of shallow freshwater lakes with rich submergent vegetation and extensive reedbeds. An important area for wintering waterbirds. Substantial declines in bird numbers may have occurred due to widespread drought and vegetation degradation in the Sistan Basin. Human activities include livestock grazing and agricultural irrigation. Placed on the Montreux Record in 1990 because of the possibility that water inflow could be reduced by the construction of a dam on the Helmand River in Afghanistan. Subject of a Ramsar Advisory Mission in 1992. Ramsar site no. 44. Most recent RIS information: 1997.

Administrative region: 
Seistan & Baluchistan

  • National legal designation: 
    • none
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