Toolibin Lake

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Toolibin Lake

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    497 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    32°55'S 117°36'E
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Toolibin Lake. 07/06/90; Western Australia; 497 ha; 32°55’S 117°36’E. Nature Reserve. A lake of fresh-to-brackish water fed by surface runoff, Toolibin Lake dries out occasionally and may receive no inflow over several years. It is the only remaining example in Southwest Australia of a wetland with extensive living thickets of swamp oak Casuarina obesa - one of the principal natural characteristics of wetlands there prior to agricultural development. The lake supports numerous species of waterbirds such as the freckled duck Stictonetta naevosa and the Nankeen night heron Nicticorax caledonicus. Vegetation includes submerged aquatic plants and sedges around the lake, and eucalyptus and acacia woodland on higher ground. The site also supports Acorn Banksia Banksia prionotes and Rock she-oak Allocasuarina huegeliana, species which are not well represented in the region. Ramsar site no. 483. Most recent RIS information: 2014.

Administrative region: 
Western Australia

  • National legal designation: 
    • game reserve
    • nature reserve
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