Giske Wetlands System

Blindheimsvik Bird Sanctuary
Giske Bird Sanctuary

Giske Wetlands System

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  • Area: 
    553.3 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    62°32'N 06°04'E
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Situated on two islands on the outermost part of the coast, the Site consists of six subsites: Roaldsand, Rørvikvågen, Rørvikvatnet, Synesvågen, Giske and Blindheimsvik. The area’s flat landscape was formed by glaciers and quarternary deposits. The system of shallow bays, extensive tidal seaweed zones, sand- and mudflats, wet meadows, fossil shorelines, marshes and mires provide rich feeding areas for birds.There is also a small area of dunes. The complex is important for large numbers of breeding, wintering and migrating waterbirds and waders, with several rare species recorded. Human activities include conservation, education, recreation (camping and hunting) and livestock farming. There is a local airport on the larger island. Several factors have had a negative impact on waterbirds in recent years, in particular forestry plantations and overgrowing after grazing ceased. The Site includes a birdwatching observatory and Norway’s oldest ringing station. An information booklet is available.

Administrative region: 
Møre og Romsdal

  • National legal designation: 
    • bird protection area - Roaldsand, Blindheimsvik, Giske
    • nature reserve - Rørvikvatnet, Rørvikvågen and Synesvågen
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