Wetlands of Central Kolkheti

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Wetlands of Central Kolkheti

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  • Area: 
    33,710 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    42°12'N 41°42'E
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Wetlands of Central Kolkheti. 07/02/97; Guria and Samegrelo; 33,710 ha; 42°12'N 041°42'E. State Reserve, Nature Reserve. A coastal alluvial plain, dissected by rivers with extensive peat wetlands and lakes. The site supports a wealth of relict and endemic flora and fauna species. Vegetation consists of typical bog and peatland species, with freshwater marshes supporting reedbeds and brackish areas supporting halophytic plants. Various species of waterbirds use the site for wintering. Nesting species in internationally important numbers include Haliatos albicilla and Pandion haliaetus. Human activities include tourism, small scale fishing, agriculture, timber cutting, peat extraction and hunting. Bronze Age artifacts are found at the site. Subject of a Ramsar Advisory Mission, 2005. Ramsar site no. 893. Most recent RIS information: 1996.

Administrative region: 
Guria, Samegrelo

  • National legal designation: 
    • State Reserve - Kolkheti State Reserve
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