Garaet Guellif

Garaet Guelif

Garaet Guellif

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  • Area: 
    24,000 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    35°47'N 06°58'E
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The Site is an endorheic depression with varying water levels, with salt-encrusted shores and meadows featuring Salicornia and other shrubs. The Site hosts several small mammal species and high plant diversity. It is an important wintering area for waterbirds, hosting more than 1% of the biogeographic populations of greater flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus and common shelduck Tadorna tadorna as well as smaller numbers of common crane and several duck species including vulnerable marbled teal. The lake plays an important role in flood control and absorption of sediments. Cereal cultivation and raising of sheep and cattle are the main economic activities, while poaching and overgrazing are the main threats. The graduate programme on wetlands of the Oum El Bouaghi University has undertaken research at the Site, while the area is also used for educational purposes and for celebrations such as World Wetlands Day.

Administrative region: 
Oum El Bouaghi

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